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EarthLink selling Muni WiFi

By Larry Hendrick | February 8, 2008

Bad news coming from Earthlink, announcing they are selling their Muni WiFi division. I’ve written on Business Unusual many times about the problems surrounding the business model they were pursuing, but they never asked for my opinion. Pity …

FT.com /EarthLink to sell ‘Muni’ WiFi business
EarthLink, the internet service provider, is to sell its citywide ‘Muni’ WiFi wireless broadband internet access business as part of its plans to return to profit after six straight quarterly losses.

The worst part about this situation is that Earthlink still doesn’t get it. Look at this quote from the story given by the new CEO of Earthlink, Rolla Huff.

Mr Huff said, “It quickly became evident that we would have a really difficult time changing the perception by some of the cities that we owed them a free network rather than the city stepping up to make the business model viable …

Did you get that? It was the city’s fault that Earthlink’s business model didn’t work. Blaming others for your lack of a valid business knowledge and inappropriate technology shows a total lack of understanding.

So let me get this straight,

And it’s the city’s fault it didn’t work. They are blaming their clients for their $32,000,000 (that’s $32 million) loss last year, up from $7,000,000 the year before.

Sadly, I don’t think the new CEO will be any more successful than the one he is replacing. He just doesn’t get it.

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