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World Wide Web Creator Starts Blog

By Larry Hendrick | December 26, 2005

I think we can now say the World Wide Web is not a passing fancy and will stick around for a while. With the www. turning fifteen and Berners-Lee starting to blog, it just might be the beginning of something. Stick around and let’s see where it goes next.

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Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, has started a blog just in time for the Web’s fifteenth anniversary.

Berners-Lee first proposed the Web in 1989, while an employee with CERN, the Geneva-based European Organization for Nuclear Research. At the time the project did not get formally approved, however Lee toiled at it anyways, making the first browser available at CERN on Christmas Day in 1990.

There is only one problem with Tim Berners-Lee new blog; he has turned off comments and there is no RSS feed, the two criteria for a blog. Hmmm…

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