12/29/2004 06:40:32 PM|||Larry||| It is now about 30 hours since shoulder surgery and a new experience it was. This is my first time in a hospital, other than to visit, and I must say that the people at the out-patient services at Christus Saint John's Hospital in Nassau Bay, Texas are top notch. They were reassuring and calming, as well as just plain nice. It seemed like they actually enjoyed their jobs, which is working with people. I personally do not want to do this again (surgery), but if so, this is the group of people I want handling it.

The surgery was to remove a large bone spur from my shoulder. Once in, the doctor snapped pics of it and it had caused quite a mess inside. It was done through a couple of small incisions, that are closed with "spider" bandages, so I don't think it even involved stitches, so my record for never having stitches is still intact.

I am still taking pain pills, packing ice and being careful with it. I am looking forward to the day that the pain stops, not just from the surgery, but from the cause of the surgery.

The medication says that I should not drive or operate heavy machinery while under its influence, and I can believe it. Even my typing a little messed up, but eventually, I can put a post together.

I do hope that everyone has a wonder and safe New Year beginning as we get ready for 2005. Wow, I find it hard to believe that this year is already gone, since it only began a few weeks ago, but the calendar doesn't lie...I guess.
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