2008—Year of the Wiki

Each new year brings new goals and new opportunities, with 2008 no different. 2007, the year of the mind map, was very successful for me personally, adding to my arsenal of productivity tools. 2008 is my year of the Wiki. and I’m looking forward to another success story.

Learning about and using wikis as an information source is very appealing to me. We all have knowledge in our heads, which is of little use to others unless they can access the information easily. Wikipedia is the classic example of accessible knowledge. It is driven by thousands of people (or more), each contributing from their own experience.

My initial goal is to build a personal wiki containing all my knowledge, which should take a day or two, then next week (several months in reality), begin a shared wiki related to Motivation on the Run. The wiki will pertain to motivation, but I will entertain suggestions about the details.

My first step in learning about a new product is setting up searches and subscribing to the RSS feeds for those searches. This video shows the process for those who haven’t ventured into that territory. This is my first attempt at video capture and will need to sharpen my technical skills a bit.

I’m using the free tool, Camtasia Studio 3 for the capture and am very pleased with the power of this application. I will add it to my software learning goals for 2008, getting more proficient with this utility. It requires a few steps to attain the free version 3, but a quick Internet search will turn up the details.