As I have talked about different ways to track your goal setting, I wanted to give you a page for locating all of them. The list includes both analog and digital links and if you know of others, let me know and I will put it on the page.

Goal Setting Resources

Zig Ziglar
If you know what goal setting is, this one is self explanatory

Franklin Covey is one of the premier suppliers of daily planners and they even have software and Outlook add-ins.

Getting Things Done
David Allen started the Getting Things Done way of increasing personal productivity.

Llama Graphics
Llama Graphics is the company that developed Life Balance for the Palm Handheld and Desktop versions for the Mac and Windows platforms.

Mind Tools

Progress Planner

MyMotivator This is a web based application

Inspiration 7.5 This seems geared toward children

Goal Maker


Goals 2005

My Goal Manager

GoalPro 5

Top Achievement

TraxItAllThis software product for the Palm is geared toward tracking anything that needs tracking. Number of times you do something, percentage of number groups and many other. I recommend a trip to the website to watch the flash demo.

Web Resources

These links are to different resources about leadership, management, and training. I also included links to a couple other good links to sites I like to visit occasionally. Enjoy and let me know if there are others I am missing.

Marshall Goldsmith
Marshall Goldsmith is making all of his library available for free.
Inpact Factory

Mind Tools

Tools for Thinking

Motivation Steps

Man on a Mission

Be Excellent

Frontline Leadership TRENDS
by George Reavis
George is a listener and has a great website, so stop by and spend some time.
Dave is a listener with a blog on b2b marketing. Good stuff and daily cartoons to boot.

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