25 Facets of Work

Work is made up of many different facets. Some may be more important than others, but none can be dismissed, out of hand. 

  1. motivation
  2. inspiration
  3. dedication
  4. fascination
  5. preparation
  6. execution
  7. solicitation
  8. anticipation
  9. aggregation
  10. expectation
  11. gestation
  12. orchestration
  13. juxtaposition
  14. predication
  15. qualification
  16. relaxation
  17. supposition
  18. maximization
  19. simulation
  20. exaltation
  21. ramification
  22. justification
  23. direction
  24. elation
  25. restoration

What *ation would you add to the list? What makes for success at your work?

6 Replies to “25 Facets of Work”

  1. I was stumped for a while (gestation). Need a word that just describes getting-it-done. Do-ation? No.

    Then I got it:


    Whoo hoo! (elation)

  2. That’s good Dave. You’ll notice I didn’t include the other side of the coin, frustration, obfuscation, etc. I think that’s a list for another day.

  3. Ricardo, that’s a perfect addition to the list. Great job! I think collaboration is an essential part of daily working. Thanks.

  4. Hey Larry

    Here’s another one… “participation”.

    It TEAM is discribed as ‘together each achives more’, unless we learn to PARTICIPATE we never get to start… i.e. we are never gonna get to the together.

    Hey thanks forthe blogg.

  5. Robin, another great addition to the list. Your participation has improved MotR today. Thanks for contributing.

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