Have you ever spent time thinking about how confidence affects your behavior? If you are confident, you stand taller, speak clearer and with more authority. People around you can feel the silent power coming from you. They pay attention and hang on every word. It’s a great feeling.

This is episode six in our series Live the Dream and I talk about confidence. What is it, why is it important and how can we effect it in our lives. I’m confident you will enjoy this episode and come away with more confidence in your own life.

On the podcast, I quickly mentioned a new project I’m starting in a few days. As you’re aware, this is my Year of the Wiki that I’m titling, Wiki2008. I will be announcing an exciting, new project for group collaboration that will change your life and make you very rich. OK, maybe it won’t change your life or make you rich, but it will be cool. Give me a few more days to iron out the details and I’ll write about it here on Motivation on the Run.

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4 Replies to “Confidence”

  1. Things come easy when you’re confident! It’s like you said, you walk tall and your energy resonates onto anyone you’re speaking to.

    Of course building up your confidence is probably the tough part.. But if you strive daily to become “the expert” in whatever you do, you’re a step closer.

  2. Ricardo, I agree completely.

    Building confidence is a step-by-step process like any other. As you gain knowledge or expertise in a particular area, confidence will grow.

    Thank you for commenting, you are always welcome, Ricardo.

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