Mission Statement Generator

The Ultimate Mission Statement Generator

My interest in Mission Statements leads me to the far corners of the earth, searching high and low, just for you, my readers. I think I might have found the ultimate Mission Statement Generator, and not only is it easy to use, it is profound.

Wisdom such as this:

It is our job to competently maintain high-quality intellectual capital while continuing to continually facilitate progressive meta-services

And this:

We have committed to quickly engineer excellent products while promoting personal employee growth

Pour forth like water from this website. Yes, this wisdom comes from the purveyor of all wisdom … Dilbert.

Dilbert Mission Statement Generator

I do hope you enjoy this classic work and … your welcome!

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4 Replies to “Mission Statement Generator”

  1. Hey do we have a mantra genrator…..Guy Kawasaki prefers mantra to mission statement….please enquire Dilbert for this….

  2. Unfortunately the mission statement generator has been removed from the site.

    A blow to all managers wishing to improve their employees motivation and moral … 😉

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