Get Your To-Dos Done

This is a great blog and when Keith Robinson mentioned setting times for his to-dos, it hit home. This is something I mentioned a few podcasts ago and Keith show examples from his calendar. Go take a look and make sure and bookmark his blog.


I felt totally out of control. My next-action lists were long and my calendar was full, but I had no real idea where I was going.

Until I started using my calendar. REALLY using it. For some reason, I never made the leap from next-actions to SCHEDULING next-actions. As soon as I did that, calm returned, and productivity went through the roof.

I now schedule EVERYTHING. As a result, very little gets missed. Iím still using next-actions, but Iíve added the step of mapping them out on upcoming weeks. This way, I can relax, knowing that Iím going to get them done.

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